Fulfillment & Shipping


Products that are directly in stock are shipped promptly within 1 to 2 business days. For personalized orders, Boho Dye will connect and consult directly with the customer. The delivery of customized products depends on the scale of the order.

The shipment of our personalized products is handled directly by POD provider Printful – delivery falls under their fulfillment procedure and schedule. The estimated arrival of our different customized products, in days, is laid out below:

                                                                           USA             EU

T-shirts/Hoodies                                               12-17            2-7

Pillowcases                                                        7-12             2-7

Laptop sleeves                                                  5-8               2-5


Due to shipment restrictions because of COVID-19, shipments to USA may experience some delay. However, deliveries within Europe are seen arriving on track and on schedule.

At the moment, the duration of shipment is different for each continent. Due to the uncertainties of COVID-19, deliveries schedules may vary and change without prior notice. The estimated duration of shipment to select countries is listed below:

Netherlands: 1-2 days

USA: 3-4 days

Europe (UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania): 2-6 days

Rest of Europe: 4-8 days

India, Canada, Thailand: 6-10 days

Rest of the world internationally: Up to two weeks

These shipment estimates may change or vary due to the daily logistics changes brought about by the global challenges of COVID-19.