Long Necklace | Agate and Jasper Gemstones | SOLD

Long Necklace | Agate and Jasper Gemstones | SOLD


Wear your style around your neck!


If fashion really is about dressing for comfort, it really doesn’t necessarily mean dressing in unsightly ways. There are many ways of spicing up your simple outfit simply by throwing in some pieces to complement your current attire.


Do you feel like going for a simple laid-back look, or maybe feel like wearing light and muted colors? Breathe life to your simple ensemble with this Handmade Boho Necklace. It is lined with 33.5 inches (85.09 cm) of real agate and jasper stones—a perfect finishing touch to every lazy look.


Step up your lazy look game with this Boho piece and redefine what “lazy” really looks like.